Friday, January 9, 2009

Popping in to say hello!

I'm still recovering from the holidays. Christmas went by in a flash, but the week after that I was rather sick and have taken quite some time to get back on my feet again, but I'm finally feeling ready to create and explore again. Hope everyone else had a great time over the holidays!

I'm rather relieved to see 2008 put to bed finally and eager for the new year. Many people are posting resolutions or maybe a word or phrase that they hope will the mood/goal/achievement for the year and I think that's a great idea. My goal this year is Focus. I am in great need of it. I have a million ideas bouncing around in my head and half finished projects littering my house. I always put myself last and this has led to very little achievement so I must put myself first this year and avoid distraction and listening to my fears. I will do better this year - that's my resolution.

And on a much more fun note: I have been greatly amused at just how many blogs I've followed that seem infatuated with the macaron this past year. Black Apple posted endlessly on her love of them and recipes she tried, etc. And ever since then I can't help but notice lots of posts on other blogs about these odd little cookies. I've never actually seen one in real life myself that I can remember, but I must admit they look good so I guess I'd better find one to try soon. And just tonight I found the cutest little felted macarons being made on this etsy store.

(Image from Sweetice on Etsy - not mine.)

So many colors to choose from - I want some myself now! lol


Heather said...

Happy New Year! Focus is an awesome word-- One I dont knonw that I could stick too, haha. I've noticed the macaroon phemomenon too-- haha, can't say that I get it! I mean, they're not even chocolate! But these little felt ones are too cute!

Hope you enjoy the 1860s fashion book! I found it fascinating to look at all those faces and fashions!

58 Cherries said...

Oh, yes - now chocolate cookies I can always understand. lol

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