Thursday, July 23, 2009

Time Flies...

...even when you aren't having fun. A whole week goes by without a post - I've been a bit preoccupied. Wednesday was spent all day in the hospital for pre-op tests (CT scans, blood drawn, x-rays, etc. etc.). I've been x-rayed so much I no longer need a night light - I'm glowing in the dark. The worst part of it all, though is being in nothing but a flimsy hospital gown while one doctor examines me and three more plus a nurse stare at me like a specimen beneath their microscope. Actually it was better than last time - then there were four observing doctors with the nurse and surgeon - all in one tiny little exam room with no room to spare and everyone shuffling around when I'm requested to walk on my tippy toes and then heels and get onto the table. My x-rays were up all over the room like wallpaper for them all to enjoy. Just about the worst nightmare for someone as shy as me. I'm just so darn interesting of a case, the nurse told me. I'm so thrilled to be so interesting...never mind my feelings, doctors. By all means, talk about me like I'm not there. The nurse was the only one that could tell how uncomfortable I was - she was nice. When another person knocked on the door and tried to enter she actually told him to go away - there's no more room! lol
Anyway - enough complaining. I do so hate dreary posts, but I hope you'll forgive me if I felt the need to vent - it was a really awful day. I'm defintely in the mood to forget about the all too near future and focus on some inspirational ideas and photos.
First, Black Apple's post on her Renegade booth - oh how I love her set up. Just the kind I've dreamed about having one day. I covet her vintage red suitcase the most...seems too good to be real...maybe a reproduction?

detail from Black Apple photo - see her blog for more

Which of course got me looking for red suitcases. I'm just drooling over these:

Handmade luxury suitcases from Globe-Trotter

This one, though I forgot where exactly I found it...

Red is one of my very favorite colors...I hope I find a cute vintage suitcase in that color one day. My other favorite for suitcases is maybe white...or green...or, well who the heck am I kidding? I love vintage suitcases, period. :)

Happy Friday, everyone. I hope to finally get to the pool again this weekend - it's been downright cold this month - 70's in July in St. Louis?? Unheard of - it's a conspiracy to keep me from the pool, I tell you.


Heidi said...

I remember that feeling after spending five weeks at the hospital on my back and on my side trying to keep the twins from coming early! (Fantasticly good results btw). You must be at a teaching hospital like I was. The nurse told me I had the right to ask everyone else to leave. I never did because I felt it was important for the next generation to be trained. Just thought I would tell you that for next time if it is so uncomfortable for you. Good luck!

Christine said...

I kow what you mean about getting behind on the just kind of gets in the way. I am so sorry you are feeling and and hope things get a little better for you!

Red is one of my fav colors (lots of it in my bedroom and bathroom~these are all items I would love to have:)

58 Cherries said...

It isn't a teaching hospital, it's just a rather famous, top of his field surgeon doing cutting edge surgery (pun unintended) and the doctors come all over to study from him just as his patients come from all over the country.

I don't mind them studying my x-rays or talking about me, etc., but I have yet to talk to my own surgeon one to one the whole time - I'm constantly being observed without the slightest 'do you mind' about the whole thing. I'd just like the option of talking to him alone and not being stared at by so many which keeps me from asking questions - I'm not so interesting as my insides are and those are on the x-rays and ct scans... :)

And congrats on your twins. I only wish I'd have something as wonderful to show for it after this is all over. But then again, less pain and good posture isn't too shabby. lol

58 Cherries said...

Christine, red is such a great color. I'm going to have to keep a look out for one of these suitcases.

Heidi said...

Cutting edge crack me up! I hope you get the results your looking for. Best wishes for your good health!

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