Thursday, November 5, 2009

Just Happy and a bit of News

I've sold two items in the last month - thank you so much!!! - not a big deal for most sellers on Etsy, but for me it's a big boost. (One Thanksgiving Prim box set - Oh so pretty and hard to part with - another is on the way, and the medieval rabbit necklace, which I notice has been very popular and rightfully so I have lots of requests for those.)



On the other hand I lost followers of my blog - should this worry me? Am I that fragile? lol I do apologize for the lack of interesting posts lately and new crafty things - after all, I was in the hospital and I'm only just now on my feet, but I'll let you in on a little secret - I've got some cool stuff coming your way very soon. So bear with me PLEASE as I try to get things in order.

Also - and I haven't forgotten that it is traditional to have a giveaway on the one hundredth post, but as I was totally not up to it I had to postpone it til now. So, in celebration of my 20th sale on Etsy, my well over 100th post on my blog and in the spirit of the holiday season there will be a giveaway post - details to be revealed asap (tomorrow, hopefully) and it may even be a multiple giveaway just to make up for the wait so stay tuned, bloggers!!!

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