Monday, December 14, 2009

Huge Apology - RL Sucks

No Internet for three days. Aaak! Just when I promised to post and I'm sooooo late in the season. So sosososo sorry - not my fault. I'd list the company, but I don't wanna get sued. Anyhow. Will start posting and try to do it before they yank it away again by mistake. Rethink changing Satellite and Internet providers a million times - they don't fulfill their promises on YOUR timeline. It's been a HUGE hassle. Then my ice machine decided to break and leak several times on WOOD floor and needs fixing. Then had trouble with good car and already having trouble with bad car. These things happen in threes. Knock on wood I'm safe now. *sigh*

Edited to add: Oh, maybe they happen in fours (or else I have two more bad ones coming, knock on wood, our washer died. Had to buy new washer AND dryer which was on its last leg and that was a hassle and a half all on its own.

Etsy update commencing asap. So upset and not feeling well painwise I'm not even picture ready on all of them anyway. Oh, so not a Xmas feeling anymore.

But, I'd also like to add, these ornaments totally work on Valentine's Day or Any day so, does it really matter if it isn't early for Christmas?? I'll still send them out asap. At least I have a warm kitty curled up next to me. Aaaah, kitty therapy.

Edited to add one last time, now camera pics won't upload to computer - and had TV/new cable burnout took me an hour or so to fix. There's the two more. I've had my quota, Santa, send me something sweet, please. I need some good news and good pics for my blog to actually work. *sigh*

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