Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gratuitous Tomato Pics

Finally it's a post that is not an Etsy update! But instead I'm spamming you with pictures of tomatoes! Isn't that fun? It's looking like rain outside so I decided to grab a basket and check if there were a few tomatoes needing to be picked... Boy, were there! This basket is so full of tomatoes it feels like I have a brick in there.

The basket looks small, but it is very deceptive!

I thought I'd lay them out so you can see what kind of variety there is...

Lots of small, medium, large and even jumbo ones along with little bitty cherry tomatoes. More like mini grape tomaoes or something - they are very cute! My green peppers are stunted this time - not sure why. Last time I got two that were almost as big as the ones at the grocery store. Oh well.

My tomato plants are just falling all over. No one helps me keep them trimmed and they are inadequately staked so it is like a forest in my tomato cage. Oh well, as long as I get a bounty like this - who really cares, right? LOL

And I do have a few new items to add to the shop, but I still need a few finishing touches and to seal a few so they will be up tomorrow or so. Bye for now!

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