Monday, September 12, 2011

An Austen Christmas Tree

Another post about Christmas tree ideas...funny how I'm much more into Christmas this year. Maybe because last year we were a bit down and so we decided to do a low scale holiday and so this year (even though we are even more bummed and money is as tight as can be) I'm feeling the Christmas spirit rather strongly. I've already wrapped a few presents (Borders closing offered me a chance to buy a few prezzies cheaply) and now I'm sorting through my silhouette ornaments.

I was renewing this set of ornaments on Etsy over the weekend.

(Please note each ornament has different silhouette on back allowing for 360 degree view on tree as well as numerous variations for display purposes).
And I figured they really needed some pictures on a tree to show them off. I dragged my little white tree out of storage to display them.

And they look so cute!

I like all kinds of different Christmas styles - traditional live pine tree with old fashioned prim ornaments, red ornaments, etc. and I also like white trees with various themes - sometimes musical instrument ornaments or old fashioned glass ornaments - sometimes pastel ones, too - like these silhouettes.

It's rather soothing and light feeling isn't it? I found myself cheering up a great deal just looking at it.

It's 90 degrees outside and early September and yet it is Christmas in my studio! ;)

So while I was at it I decided a silhouette tree looks so nice I might as well drag out ALL the ornaments I have in my studio and fill the tree just to see what it would look like.

Wow - that's a lot of silhouettes, hm?

I forgot how many different styles I experimented with - grubby prim, vintage music backgrounds, French book paper, etc.

It's a bit crowded and busy, but still somehow work - even with clashing black ribbons (the set above is all white gossamer ribbon).

And they are round and rectangle, young and old - men and women, etc. All so Jane Austen at the same time. I love it. I think I'll keep the tree up like it is for awhile. The pastel ornaments are in the shop with a bonus ornament included (a lady on French text background) and there will be more ornaments (in pairs or single) up soon from the rest of the tree, too.

And the Labor Day Weekend was a rather busy one for me - a rather large amount of sales! I am busy trying to restock my shop - I've just finished posting the vintage French book papers with assorted images.

Parisian Images

If you were disappointed to find them sold out there are new ones up right now. Grab them while you can!

Naturalist Images

Both Sets SOLD

Ever popular Alice in Wonderland (two different sets available)

And more! Halloween set available, too. Some items will not be restocked as supplies are limited and no longer available.

ETA: I will be making more of the Alice sets for those of you who are still wanting them. Just FYI.

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