Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cottage Christmas Decor 2011

Hi, I promised a few photos of my main tree in the great room and here they are...

Decorated with the usual Scandinavian woodcut ornament, Santas and woven star on top. I also decorated the top of the china cabinet next to it. A very cute Santa with a bag full of toys and snow shoes.

Sorry the photos aren't better. I've been having some major back problems this year and I couldn't stand for long.

Mostly it is red, white and gold colors on the traditional green tree. There are skis, musical instruments, cardinals and glass ornaments with red wood beaded garland that looks kind of like cranberries..

I didn't have a good picture of my fireplace decorations as a whole, but here are a few close ups of my garland full of lights, berries and ornaments...
I love the globe ornament - from Restoration Hardware years ago. I have lots of them, actually and I hang them on my armoire door knobs and put them on bookshelves. I have a huge one and lots of medium sized ones. Don't you love old fashioned globes and maps? And they are Christmas-y because Santa needs them to navigate by on that special night!

Blurry photo, sorry. Lots of different Santas on my mantle as well as my one remaining brass reindeer that hasn't broken with the tiny wood sleigh. Lots of birdhouse ornaments because my mother loves them. Okay, so do I.

Lots of skis, too! Not that we've ever skied or are going to, but they are so cute! Even the birds ski - they left theirs just outside their little house.

No Gingerbread House this year, sadly. I just couldn't justify spending the money on it this year. I miss it... Next year, hopefully.

So now I'm busy making cookies and getting ready for Christmas Eve. I'm also having relatives visit just after Christmas so there is a lot to do! Hope you are all having fun during the Holidays!!

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