Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Etsy Update - New Item: Antique Sheet Music Earrings!!

Music Lovers Beware:

You may fall in love with these Antique Sheet Music Earrings. I know I have!

 They are made with genuine Antique sheet music from early 1900's - they are sealed beneath beautiful glass magnifying domes set in antique brass colored scalloped bases and strung on gold colored French hooks.  Beautiful!!

Earrings can be found in my shop HERE.  More to come soon, but each on is One of a Kind since they are made with real antique sheet music.  Grab them while you can!  I also make music pendants - you can find one in my shop HERE

These are the Bass and Treble Clef symbols.  Very pretty and perfect to wear any day.

And the other new item added to my shop today was a replica of my favorite necklace in my jewelry box...

I wear this necklace nearly every day I love it so much.  It's in my shop right now.

And in other news... I've been enjoying the Olympics on TV this week.  London is such a beautiful setting for the games.  My only frustration is the way they pick and choose which games we want to watch and leave out so many interesting sports - where is the fencing, the equestrian sports, etc.??  Sometimes it seems like they only show swimming and gymnastics. 

But London, ahhh, London - I love it when the cameras give us a glimpse of their great city - wish I could visit there some day!!  Have a great week and stay cool if you are in the heat zone like I am right now!  Whew!! 

Saturday was the Mad Tea Party (post below this one, FYI) and it was super hot.  I had to race to take pictures before the sherbet and ice in the lemonade melted.  When it was all done and photographed I was as melty as those items were plus I had a major asthma attack and was useless the rest of the day.  Eating the sherbet and cucumber sandwiches was rewarding and refreshing, though.  Laters!!

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London Accountants Lady said...

These are so cute, I know my cousin would love these!

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