Saturday, October 25, 2008

Halloween Decorations

I'm woefully behind on my outside decorations for Halloween this year. Very strange for me - I'm usually decorated early in the month. Here's a few things I've put out in the last two years:

The handmade pillory my dad made for any stray witches we might catch.

The Leaky Cauldron sign from Harry Potter - also made by my handyman father - it's about four or five times the size of the real one in the movies, but it's cute and can be seen in the distance.

And of course, my Haunted House sign, lest anyone not realize this house is special by the decorations and purple fairy lights at night. ;) Not to mention the attack cats perched in every window.

And in Martha Stewart related Halloween news - I just love her invitations you can print out on her site. The skeletons and owls are so cute! I think I'm going to make some skeletons just to hang up as I can never find any cute enough in the stores.

And don't you just wish you had the time and patience to make one of these??

I just love gingerbread houses - the more intricate the better and especially a Victorian!! Every Christmas I promise myself I'll make time to make one - and now I want to make them at Halloween, too. *sigh*


Rowena said...

I love your halloween creativity! I'm stopping by from Vanessa's party. Yes, I'm fashionably late, but better late than never.

You have great ideas!

58 Cherries said...

Thank you!! I'll be posting more this week and especially just after Halloween. I haven't posted my homemade tablecloth and runner we made last year and some treats I'll be making for the day. I just love this holiday.

Happy Halloween!

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