Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving - or as we sometimes call it Turkey Day! This year we had a far smaller and less stressful holiday. With the main breadwinner out of work still we simply couldn't afford to have people over and cook a huge meal. Not to mention as we are stressed we wanted a bit of peace and quiet. I did decorate the house a wee bit, though...

My fireplace is the main place to see - gourds and (fake) leaves and bittersweet vine. I added our little Indian friends on that side with all the nature - a wood carving, a squirrel, etc...

And on the other side are our Pilgrim friends. They have our candlesticks and metal pinecone. Just a bit of blending of the two sides. :)

I thought it was cute.

We did cook a turkey and the usual sides for ourselves (stuffing, corn pudding, sweet potatoes, etc.) And I made pumpkin and pecan pies as well as a few mincemeant tarts. Most of the canned goods we had leftover from either last year or previous shopping so we didn't have to spend too much. Mincemeat in a jar is the most expensive thing and I had two whole jars left over from last year's sale - still good until next October, can you believe it?

We aren't doing any Black Friday shopping. I did most of my Christmas shopping ahead of time when Borders was closing - got a few books and calendars, etc. I've had them wrapped since August so I'm pretty much ready. Still probably do a tiny bit of shopping, but I must stay on budget. I'm hoping things take a turn for the better next year!

And I'd like to close with saying I'm thankful for every one of you who comments and shares here on my blog and on their own blogs as well as all the wonderful people who buy an item or two from the Etsy shop. Thank you and may you have a wonderful Holiday Season and a Happy New Year!

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