Friday, June 5, 2009

Can Your Grandma do That?

Mine can! Or at least she used to - here she is performing on her horse, Patches. Cool, huh? She used to ride horses all the time and she did tricks with them - just for fun. I think she should have run away to join the circus or something.

She's laying down on him here - very brave if you think about it - the horse could be startled and start running at the slightest scare. Yikes! Also...I wouldn't want my head anywhere near that part of the horse - just saying.

And this photo is just too cute. I think I'll frame the first one and this one for my wall of photos. So sweet. ;) Right now I have a picture of her from when she was a nurse up on the wall.

So instead of running away to join the circus, she became a nurse and she worked in the polio ward. She has lots of pictures and stories of that time with the patients. Heartbreaking stories.

Just thought I'd share that bit of family history with you today. I'm also updating my shop all day today - a few new items up already and more to come.

Happy Friday, everyone!!


Mademoiselle Julie said...

What a great role model you have, Nicki! Love the pix - but more so, her actions/hobby! :-) Cheers, Julie

icandy... said...

Yikes! What a courageous woman! She would have been a wonderful person to know. :)

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