Friday, June 26, 2009

Party Countdown - One Day Left!

Still feeling the heat, but I'm not about to be stopped from partying so the party is moved inside most likely. For anyone else in this heatwave, try to stay cool and drink plenty of liquids. Like say, lemonade:

Too cute label on Trader Joe's lemonade. It's a fizzy lemonade, though, I prefer homemade but couldn't resist the pretty packaging - shame on me.

And eat cool meals to avoid turning on the oven. This delicious meal was made after a stop at the Italian store near our house. Feta, calamata olives, cold cuts, fresh baked bread, and some fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, green onions garnished with fresh mint from my herb garden. A few plums, a rose from my Don Juan rosebush.

Mmmm...and the best part, peaches from my tree.

Yum! Eat up!

And perhaps the most important part, make sure you find somewhere to sleep that's cool.

An old picture I think I posted before, but too cute to resist.

So don't forget - Saturday is the Mad Tea Party. There will be sweets, tea...and a giveaway. :)


LaLa said...

Mmm Yummy meal you have ther, thanks for sharing. I allowed myself to have a crummy supper today; 3 cookies, a hand full of chips, a few green grapes, and a spoonful of almond butter. I wasn't very hungry but I kept picking at junk. Your spead is so much more appealing!

See ya at the tea party tomorrow!


Linda said...

Amazing Party atmosphere and terrific food too. Lindax


Soooooo cute!! I loved your little shoes and book and strawberries!!

Do come by and see me sometime!!

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