Monday, April 26, 2010

Windy City Here I Come + Random Studio Pics

I'm heading off to Chicago for a long weekend - see the museums and see Craig Ferguson perform. Anyone got some tips or sights I should see?? I've been there before, but only briefly. Good restaurants or even better - good vintage-y shops would be a huge plus!

But until then, I spam you with pics of my studio I took while in a good mood with warm weather last week. I made up my daybed a bit, it make it useful as a guest bedroom and also when I desperately need to lie down and rest when my back hurts. Plus I've ALWAYS wanted a spare room for my favorite bed. It really suits my studio and makes me smile. I grabbed some random pillows laying around and voila - a comfy bed pour moi.

Next to my bed, probably already posted, but just in case:

An inspiration shelf with bits of my art and little tidbits and presents. The slugs from an old press spell out Art - kinda hard to see. Love the backwards R. ;) The Eiffel Tower was a present from Fairy Godmother, naturally. It's so bright and airy in here - can you believe this is our basement? Lots of big windows and light and a view of my garden - such a lovely room.

I love the white beadboard walls, at first it made it stark and boring, but now I appreciate how they bounce the light and make my art and furnishings pop out more. And I'm filling it with my favorite shades of pale pink and green, turquoise, other shades of white, etc. Makes me very happy to spend time in there. I just need to get out my hammer and nails and hang up a few of my favorite artists' works I've collected. ;)

So please let me know if you have any recommendations for Chicago and just in case don't post again til then - have a great weekend!!

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