Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy Monday!

First, just a peek of some flowers blooming right now.

I just love Foxglove - the name, the cool, alien look of the flowers... My last attempt didn't grow back so I'm crossing my fingers that this new flower comes back again next spring. :)

It's in a field of mint, sage, oregano, and way too many weeds along with a few other new flowers in my herb garden.
And another plant I have trouble with - out of two different Clematis this one (and quite frankly the prettiest color) is the only one that survived.
I just looked up how to care for them and realized that it probably isn't getting enough water and they need shade. Both clematis plants were planted in the sunniest part of the yard. Dang! Gotta move it then. If it makes it that long - already since I took the picture it seems like it is dying. Great. I said I like gardening - never said I was really GOOD at it. LOL

And finally, I've been kicking myself since Sunday when I realized I totally missed the Green with Indie show! I know, you'd think after writing and reminding in my own blog I'd remember it was on Saturday and Saturday ONLY. Well, no. All day Saturday was slow and boring, doing chores, etc. I kept thinking - wasn't there something we were supposed to do? Hmm...
Sunday afternoon: Ohhhhh.... *headdesk*
Oh well, Happy Monday!

1 comment:

Linda said...

Very pretty and unique flowers. Zthanks for sharing and good luck growing them next spring. I think they will make it.

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