Friday, June 18, 2010

Mmm...smell the fresh baked treats!!

Blogs can be great for sharing stories and pictures and even videos, but the one thing they can't do - let you smell how wonderful my house smells right now. The heat index may be in the 100's, but I baked today. Why? For the upcoming tea party of course!! I'm making lovely cookies, cupcakes and other wonderful things to share - if only in pictures. My house smells like a bakery after a fresh batch of cookies and now chocolate cupcakes are done - mmmmmmm!!!

Too bad you can't scratch and sniff your computer screen or have a slot come out of your computer so I could hand out samples. LOL It's gonna be hard enough of to keep certain hands in this house off the goodies until I get things set up and take pictures. I'm planning to take my party outside this year. Last year was positively deadly in heat and even the few moments I did manage outside turned me into a puddle so I had to stay indoors for the party. I think it turned out okay, I had fun, though my camera broke on me. But this year - even though it's only slightly cooler and we've had sudden rainstorms nearly every day - I'm hoping to get outside for just long enough. I'm making my preparations and I can't wait to share the pics. Be sure to tune in on the 26th.

I'm hoping to be ready a little early since my blog is usually at or near the top of the list and many people like to start partying early. And why not? The more partying the better!! :)

Back I go to get ready - can't wait for the party to start!


Katrina said...

Hi Vanessa,

I came accross your enchanting blog, so magical!

You really do enjoy all of life's moments and your art is magical, very inspiring!

58 Cherries said...

Oops, sorry - I'm not Vanessa - just one of her followers and another blogger. :)

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