Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thursday's This and That

Awhile ago I mentioned was painting the main hall of our house - it's a huge undertaking as it means painting on all three floors of the house. Ugh! And I can't really do as much as I used to so I've done what I can and have to wait for others to help me so it is still only maybe 2/3 done. But, I have been able to replace some of my photos and art again on the upper level so I thought I'd share the contrast:

The blue hallway - a soft denim color. I liked it, but it made the whole house seem cool in color and I wanted to warm it up instead.

First we chose a way too dark yellow, but finally compromised on a more buttery, subtle yellow, which I think is perfect. It doesn't clash with my mother's gold M or any of the frames and it really really lightened the house up and bounces the skylight's glow to give the house that warm, homey feel I was going for...

So what do you think? Too subtle or just right? I guess it is kind of hard to tell it is yellow, but if you think of it as creamy butter - it works. Very neutral yet still better than the stark white walls we had with we moved in. :) I think we finally found the right balance.

And while I'm at it, I have a new silhouette coming up for sale, I'll be posting it on Etsy today. It's a stenciled silhouette on real vintage sheet music. Very cute!!
It's framed in a very nice antique style black oval frame with a choice of a stand in the back, or (as I prefer) to put it on the wall, there is a hook for that - I recommend removing the stand from the back if you decide to mount it on the wall so it rests perfectly flat, but that's up to you. Just fyi.

And here it is on my wall temporarily to see how nice it would look in a grouping of pictures and things, looks nice enough to keep. :)

And just a whimsical grouping on my bedroom bookshelves with the other silhouettes I keep on my shelves. All are also available at my shop.

And last, but not least - I made someone's treasury list again. Wow! Thanks, AmberApple! Click here to see her list and my treasured Prim Kitchen Containers (they are on sale, btw)!
They were one of my very first items up in my shop. I think since it is hard to see just how nice these containers are from just pictures on the Internet, I'll have to sell them at a booth in a show soon so I'll take then down when I have that chance. They really are more impressive in person, but I still get a kick that they are such a favorite online. I have a set of Prim Laundry Containers, too, which I just haven't gotten around to putting the finishing touches on and posting, but I will soon just in case, otherwise, another item to store away for a show, I've been collecting and storing items carefully for awhile now.
I've been working on my business offline mostly. I have some really cute business cards finally and I've been checking out local booth prices at shows so that now I'm physically stronger again I can finally get some business action locally instead of depending only on the Internet. Not that I foresee leaving Etsy or anything like that, but I have had a domain name saved and waiting for me to set up my own website one of these days.
Here are my cards (in my favorite cardholder that I've been saving for this day...
I chose these cards because they suited my romantic vintage style and I like the postcard look. They are also printed on the back on plain white background for easy reading, but aren't they just adorable? :)


laura may said...

I love the cameo on the music sheets. So pretty!!

Olivia said...

that M is so lovely, as is the cameo frame! :) I think the colour looks perfect subtle but just right. I know what you mean about blue, it can make things look cold and a bit sterile cant it?


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