Thursday, June 23, 2011

Busy, busy - change in Etsy listing and Tea Party Mutterings...

Just a note that my previous silhouette listings got a bit altered. I had a request for the gentleman in one pairing and the young girl in the second pair so after doing that I decided the remaining two silhouettes were a bit odd in pairing so I made new silhouettes for the listing still available:


I created another high collared young gentleman (who I can't stop thinking of as a young Mr. Darcy) and gave him a young lady to pair with (Miss Elizabeth Bennet, perhaps?). I was thinking the children silhouettes were cute, but I think most people want a couple on their wall or shelf, right?


If anyone does want the old pairing of children or liked the high society lady with the ornament in her hair you can convo me on Etsy or comment here or email me and I'll gladly try to accommodate you. As of right now I have only this pairing available as I only have the two frames, but hopefully I can get my hands on more soon and I'll make some more variety available if possible. Grab them while you can because there is no telling when I run out of frames like I did with the square ones a few years ago.

I will also try to get another one or two of the larger black frames for the bigger sized silhouettes - I am currently out of those having sold my own personal one just the other day.

On the Mad Tea Party front - I have made some preparations, but life is so darn busy I'm worried I won't have time to do all I hoped to do this year! I'm late, I'm late, I'm late - for a very very important date!!! Well not yet, but I might be! :)

Keep your eyes out for white rabbits with pocket watches! If you are new to the Mad Tea Party then please do visit my past two years' parties. We had a great deal of fun - there are links on the right side of the blog or you can click HERE for 2009 and HERE for 2010. Whatever happens this year there WILL be a great giveaway. I have made an Alice in Wonderland themed giveaway for the lucky winner. I will leave the giveaway open for at least a week or so to give everyone a chance to put their name in the hat. I'm very excited about the giveaway!!

By the way, be sure to drop a link to your own parties if you'd like me to be sure to visit because there are SO MANY I forget where I visited and where I didn't and I always seem to miss a few, it can be quite confusing, but oh so much fun!! See you all very soon, I hope!

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