Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer Lovin - Crabs, Lobsters and Watermelon

Even though it has been hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk lately, I'm still loving summer... Best way to beat the heat - eat watermelon! Cold, juicy watermelon sure hits the spot right now. I picked a few flowers from my garden and some mint for salads and for it's lovely scent. And I also used my Martha Stewart fruit towels during the summer - bought them at Kmart ages ago - each fruit has all the different ways to say the fruit in other languages. They are my favorite towels and I pretty much forbid other people from using them as they tend to stain them. My precious!!

And speaking of towels we can look at, but not touch...

My favorite towels that I've yet to use and likely never will beyond decoration - the blue crab and red lobster towels!! Got these at the Home Good store a few years ago.

I just realized - I've been admiring pillows for ages that are like this, but far too expensive to buy...I have at least two of each of these - I could make them into pillows and save money - also prevent people from using them to mop up spilled koolaid with them!! ;)

An intruiging idea...I think I might try it - and it's a frugal Friday idea, too, isn't it??

Happy Friday, everyone! Enjoy the weekend.


Heather said...

These are so cute! I've been feeling rather nautical myself lately, which is so funny when you're hopelessly landlocked :) I think these would make awesome pillows too!~

58 Cherries said...

Hopelessly landlocked is EXACTLY how I feel right now...and most of the time, really. I was born to live by the sea (my mother's people came from an island in Greece) and instead I'm smack dab in the middle of the country and I've only seen the Atlantic and Pacific oceans once each. *sigh*

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