Monday, June 13, 2011

Historical Charm and Romance - More Key Earrings

I've added some new earrings to the shops - more keys, but in different combinations and some new key charms added. There are now four different pairs to choose from:

First off, this pair sold super fast when I listed them a few weeks ago so I made another pair, but please note that I do not have the supplies to make anymore after this so if you are interested in these you might want to grab them before they are gone.

Here's another pic of them with all my real antique keys - you can see some of the keys are in the same styles/colors as the earrings!

Here's a different pair - a big copper key and a small antique silver key. I think these are my favorite of the whole bunch...

And if you like the little keys - both gold and silver - well, here's a pair of those - they make a slightly smaller pair of earrings than the others. Very cute!

The fourth pair is the set of single antique silver key earrings which you can see in the first two pics as well as my previous post and in my shop. If you'd like to see larger pictures and see more details on these items please look at my store listings. I've put most of them up and will finish tomorrow. If you have any questions you can comment here or convo me on Etsy - or even just to let me know they are cute because I'd love to hear what you all think of these.

Thanks for looking and indulging me in my vintage key obsession.


Heather Johnson said...

Hi, I'm with an online vintage dress boutique called Shabby Apple ( and I adore your blog. Shabby Apple offers affordable, stylish attire perfect for a day at work or play, or a night on the town. We would love to partner with you and offer your readers a 10% off coupon as well as the opportunity to giveaway one of our dresses on your blog. Please check us out at and let me know if you are interested.

I look forward to hearing back from you soon!


Heather Johnson

(this is only open to US residents, if this is not a possibility please let me know)

58 Cherries said...

That sounds great! I checked out your website and your clothes look fabulous. Please email you details at bookluv(at)gmail. If you provide a picture of the giveaway dress I'll post it along with your website address and details. Thanks!


Linda said...

I have been collecting keys for 30 anything that are key related I gravitate to. Nice job.

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